Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Improving the visibility of your website or web page in the search engines can be an uphill task. SEO is a process, which is highly reliant on the Search Engines and their algorithms via ‘natural’, ‘un-paid’ or ‘organic’ search results. Fab SEO provide ethical SEO services which can allow for you to build a strong, long term plan for your website to appear higher and more frequently on the search engines, resulting in an increase in the number of visitors and in term more business.

SEO Friendly Web Design and Development

Promoting yourself relies heavily on a web-site’s design, which needs to be SEO friendly. Noting the importance, we help our clients design and develop their website. Use our services to redesign your existing website or allow us to start from a scratch, in either case we work on making websites more user and SEO friendly. Initial Consultation, Competition Research, Developing a Strategy, Website Designing and Website Development are included in our custom website design process.

Social Media Optimization / Web 2.0 strategy

Recreate your business presence online with a number of Social Media Optimization strategies. SMO is the methodisation of social media activity, targeting unique visitors to one’s website. The benefits you can reap out of such Social media marketing include; improvements in your search engine rankings and online visibility, remarketing from external blogs, bookmarking websites, networking sites & media sharing websites among others.

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